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Young couples fellowship Bible study with a focus on Marriage

When: We meet twice a month 1st and 3rd Thursday
Bucky & Kathleen
Dennis  Jeff & Monica Younger
Jeff & Tamara Current


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Rudy and Christina Fan

When: Sunday After Service
Time: 9:30AM
What: COED; Varying Bible study; Topical
Location: Watermark OC Church
Contact: Dan Deguzman - 949-300-1601

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Randy Lacovetta

When: Wednesday
Time: 6:30PM
Where: 3186 Pullman Street and on Zoom
What: COED; Reading books of the Bible together

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Joe Hill and Jennifer Drews

When: Every other Tuesday
Time: TBD
What: COED; Bible Study by the Beach
Location: Meets both in-person and via ZOOM
Joe Hill - 951-318-0498
Jennifer Drews - 949-554-4089

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Vance and Carol Gardner

When: Postponed to early fall
Time: TBD
What: COED; Varying books of the Bible
Location: Irvine
Contact: Vance Gardner - 949-683-5440

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Brian and Paula Joe

When: Tuesday
Time: 7:00 - 8:45PM
What: COED; Varying topical Bible Studies
Location: Tustin
Contact: Brian Joe - 949-375-2612

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Men's Groups

Bob Fullmer

When: Wednesday
Time: 7:30AM
What: MENS; Varying books of the Bible
Location: Watermark OC Church
Contact: Bob Fullmer - 909-260-2433

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Bucky Dennis

When: Thursday
Time: 7:00AM
What: MENS; Varying books of the Bible
Location: Watermark OC Church
Contact: Bucky Dennis - 949-307-1712

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Andy Cox

When: Wednesday
Time: 6:45pm - 8:15pm
What: Christian Men’s Topical Studies
Location: Watermark Conference Room
Contact: Andy Cox - 949-892-0806

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Women's Groups

Morning Bible Study

When: Wednesday Mornings
Time: 9:30 - 11:30AM
What: Childcare, worship, round table discussion, and a brief message
Location: Watermark Lobby
Child Care: Cost: TBA 
Materials: TBA
Contact: Melissa Anastasi

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Woman’s Bible Study

When: Monday
Time: 6:00 - 7:00PM on Zoom
Starting Monday: September 13
What: Growing in Gratitude by Mary K. Mohler
Location: We meet via Zoom
Contact: Renee Shusterman - 949-861-1251

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Young Women’s Bible Study

When: 1 Sunday a month
Time: 7:00PM
Location: At Watermark

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College Group

young adults small group costa mesa

Patrick and Bethany Hardy

When: Wednesday’s
Time: 7-9pm
What: College & Young Adults – Bible study + Open Table Fellowship
Age: Co-Ed, 18-28
Location: Watermark OC Church - Youth Room
Contact: Patrick Hardy - 469-371-4760

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