Why We live a generous Life

We practice generosity because we believe that God is fundamentally generous. (He gave is son (Philippians 2:5-11), he gives new life (2 Corinthians 5:17) he gives all things (Romans 8:32).

We practice generosity because we believe that ultimately, God owns it all and we are just managers. (Psalm 24:1) We practice generosity because we believe that God cares about how we invest the precious resources (time, talent and treasure) we are given. (Matthew 25:14)
simple and secure

we embrace radical generosity

Because we know it changes lives — ours and the people we’re serving — at WatermarkOC.Church we are crazy generous in our giving.

God provides for the ministries and causes of Watermark church through tithes and offerings. The Bible teaches us the baseline standard for giving is the tithe. When we give the first 10% of our income to the cause of the local church (God’s chosen method to reach and disciple people locally and globally), we put Him first in our lives. Tithing is an act of worship that expresses our gratitude, faith, and love for others. Offerings are giving beyond the tithe.

What happens when you give:

Follow – Connect – Serve: Because people give, our place and space is a kind of training ground where we teach people how to Follow Christ, where we strategize to Partner Together to impact our circles of influence for good, and where we launch initiatives to Serve Others in our church, in our community, and around the world.

Relief & Restoration: Sharing the love of Christ means bringing help and hope to people in need. Because you give, we are able to provide support, encouragement and hope by meeting needs in our local congregation. In addition, we are able to partner with community organizations and local churches focusing on opportunities in our geography to meet needs and share the love of Christ.

Causes: God has opened doors of opportunity for Watermark to make a significant impact in Rosarito, Mexico where we build homes for high need families. We plant churches, like Misión El Camino in Santa Ana, to reach more people with the love of Jesus and meet practical needs. We can do this as we pool our resources because you give.

Changed Lives: The Bottom Line is because you give lives are changed; marriages saved, families restored, addictions healed, people find faith, hope, love, purpose, and eternal life in Jesus Christ. It’s amazing what God is doing at Watermark because you give.

The only thing left to say is, Thank You, for your giving and for being part of the cause of Christ at Watermark Church.